Software Packages

OpenFOAM Head


OpenFOAM® is a free, open source CFD toolbox using the C++ language and offers a lot of features to solve anything you can imagine (chemical reactions, turbulence, heat transfer, acoustics, solid mechanics and electromagnetics).

Coupling OpenFOAM® with Dakota® result in a extrem powerful toolbox for optimisation, multidimensions analyses and much more.

ParaView Grand Canion


ParaView® is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. The toolbox give the ability to make data manipulations, pictures and videos using numerical data.

The application has a great python interface that allows for scripting.

Salome Meca Meshing

Salome Meca®

Salome® is an open-source software that provides a generic platform for Pre- and Post-Processing for numerical simulation. It can be used for creating geometries, meshing, data analysing and much more. The main duty of the application is the interface between commercial CAD software and OpenFOAM®, e.g. excellent surface triangulation.

Blender Manipulation


Blender® is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. It allows you to create geometries, repairing STL files and much more. Using the wide range of possibilities of renderings, Blender enable high quality rendering of numerical data.

The toolbox allows for python scripting by using the python API.

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