Publikationen / Publications

Tobias Holzmann. Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM. Holzmann CFD, Leoben, fourth edition, October 2016.

Alexander Vakhrushev, Menghuai Wu, Andreas Ludwig, Tobias Holzmann, Gerald Nitzl, Yong Tang, Gernot Hackl. Establishing a Numerical Criterion to Verify the RANS-type Flow Simulation in Application to the Continuous Casting Process. ESCO, 5th European Seminar on Computing, Pilsen, 2016

Andreas Ludwig, Tobias Holzmann. Automatic optimization of localized heat treatment for Al-Si-Mg alloys. Mater. Sci. Eng., 2016.

Andreas Ludwig, Alexander Vakhrushev, Menghuai Wu, Tobias Holzmann, Abdellah Kharicha. Simulation of Crystal Sedimentation and Viscoplastic Behavior of Sedimented Equiaxed Mushy Zones. Trans. Indian Inst. Met., 68, 1087-94, 2015.

Andreas Ludwig, Tobias Holzmann. Localized Strengthening of Al-Based Casting Alloys by Automatized Optimization of Laser Heat Treatment. CFD Modelling and Simulation in Materials Processing. 2016

Andreas Ludwig, Alexander Vakhrushev, Tobias Holzmann, Menghuai Wu, Abdellah Kharisha. Two-phase modelling of equiaxed crystal sedimentation and thermomechanic stress development in the sedimented packed bed. Materials Science and Engineering, 84, 2015.

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