Free Material

Free Tutorials.

For Version 4.x  5.x  6.x  and  7.x

Since 2012 Holzmann CFD shares the knowledge in different fields in the topic of computational fluid dynamics on the website. Up to 2018, around 44 voluntary tutorials were generated. Each tutorial is using a clear and straightforward run script, that helps to understand the single steps to achieve the result one wants to get such as creating 2D geometries by using snappyHexMesh, building Arbitrary Mesh Interfaces (AMI) or using the Six Degree of Freedom library for flow-induced rotation. However, based on the low support, the tutorials are now split into advanced (charged) and free tutorials.

The free tutorial section contains fundamental investigations and kept up-to-date for the community and beginners.

The Book.

Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM®

During the years 2014 and 2017, Holzmann CFD published the book named »Mathematics, Numerics, Derivations and OpenFOAM®« for free to support the OpenFOAM® community. The book will be free forever. However, the latest version will be the fourth edition of 23. February 2017.

The latest version including new corrections, improvements and additional theory as well as code explanation can be found in the »Advanced Material« section on the website.

A hard copy can be ordered only for the latest version.

Free Development.

Holzmann CFD offers several free extension for OpenFOAM® which were developed during the years. The applications and libraries are hosted on bitbucket ( Feel free to fork or extend the existing repositories.

Furthermore, if you extend and/or update libraries, do not hesitate and start a pull request. Holzmann CFD would love to incorporate your code into the existing one.

Numerical Analysis.

During 2013, Holzmann CFD provided the information for the numerical scheme investigation for a simple convective flow concerning different mesh types (hexaedron, tetraedron, polyhedron), cell size levels and mesh orientation (related to the flow field). The analysis is published on Holzmann CFD's website and freely available. 

Voluntary Support.

Holzmann CFD supports people all over the world on (German OpenFOAM® forum) and However, private and free support is not feasible anymore. Please use the appropriate forums.