Community Christmas Competitition

I am happy to announce the availability of the new Suzanne's OpenFOAM® training case and the complementary summary document. You will find the case in the OpenFOAM section with all information you need. The case was generated for the Community Christmas Competition 2017 invented by Jozséf Nagy from Linz. Holzmann CFD is pleased to be part of the community and hope that you enjoy the training case as well as the training videos. Enjoy.

Suzanne Training

The new training videos are now available and published. Everyone who want to get more familiar with Blender® is warmly welcomed to check out the training session #7. Furthermore, it is demonstrated how the OpenFOAM® meshing, case set-up and solving procedure is done. The submitted PDF and the OpenFOAM® case will be published soon too. Based on the time limitation, the expected result were not achieved and the training case is a bit different to the training video explanation. E.g. the training case were performed by using a steady-state solver instead of the transient one mentioned in the videos. Enjoy.

New AMI Tutorial

A new AMI creation tutorial is published. The case is an outcome of a new phenomenon Holzmann CFD is working on. To simplify and speedup numerical tests and meshing procedures, a 2D case was build. The main focus here is based on a correct AMI generation while using a new approach. Thus, a much better approximation of the interface can be reached and the mesh quality is better than in the previous published meshing strategies. Further information are given at the download page.

Play Fair

Everywhere in the world wide web, one can see different platforms and publications of OpenFOAM® tutorials and related topics. If one uses the published training cases, videos or publications that Holzmann CFD provides under the GPL v3 license, make sure that you play fair and add the reference to your source. Taking credit for others achievements does not agree to the GPL v3; see the statement of Hrvoje Jasak. Please respect the GPL v3 and also the time I spend into the different kinds of published work - it is really a lot and I already saw some really similar cases I provide at Holzmann CFD.

If one uses some libraries for commercial usage (means selling simulations such as results with the openComfort library), one should be fair enough to denote and support Holzmann CFD.

Play Fair!