Support Holzmann CFD

Holzmann CFD would love to have financial support from you. As an lover of the open source thought, I am limited in finances for offering my knowledge that I got during the past years. If anyone who is using my material would only spend 0.10€ per year, I could pay all the costs accumulating in one year.  Right now the costs are listed as follows:

  • Server costs (external one)  ~ 37€/year
  • URL costs ~ 12€ / year
  • Template costs  ~  55€ / year
  • SSL Certificate costs ~ 60€ / year

My personal effort in maintenance and publishing is not included. As one can see I have round about 150€ / year fix costs only for being able to share my  knowledge with the OpenFOAM® community. However, there is no need to make a donation but keep in mind that my work and extensions take a lot of time. If you are using the library such as the openComfort in your business you might give some donation.

If you are interested to a voluntary based donation,  you can transfer it via PayPal » Support Holzmann CFD «

Thanks in advance,
Tobias Holzmann


Thanks to the voluntary donation to: