OpenFOAM® Tutorials about Meshing and Running

The provided training cases offers one everything that is needed to successfully run the simulation. The complete procedure is done within the clean and structured run scripts. After the meshing step, the pre-processing of the boundary conditions is done and the simulation will be started automatically. The training goal of these cases are to demonstrate the meshing procedure of different geometries in combination of the correct solving procedure. The numerical schemes are chosen in order to fulfill the simulation characteristics but are not always the best. Furthermore, the usage of the extreme powerful fvOptions possibility and functionObjects are used in some of the training cases. Enjoy.

  Description Applications Features
#1 Hydraulic Jump of a 2D River interFoam  
#2 Thin Gap Meshing and Running simpleFoam  
#3 Holzmann's Favorite Drink Gin Tonic chtMultiRegionFoam multi region
#4 Arbitrary Water Pump Case using Cyclic Boundary Conditions interFoam cyclic
#5 Spherical Combustion Chamber with Diffusor pimpleFoam functionObjects
#6 Multiphase analyze of a Bifluidic Oscillator (2D) interFoam functionObjects, fvOptions
#7 The Tesla's One-Way-Valve pimpleFoam functionObjects, fvOptions, codedFixedValue
#8 The Magnus Effect pisoFoam functionObjects, fvOptions
#9 Heat Transfer through a Wall chtMultiRegionFoam multi region
#10 Hydraulic Jump of a 2D Rotational Geometry interFoam kEpsilon
#11 Two-Stroke Engine Boundary Conditions pisoFoam codedMixedValue
#12 Flooding Basement while Keeping the Water Level Constant interFoam prgh_Pressure


OpenFOAM® Tutorials about DAKOTA® Coupling

Design or quantity optimization is very powerful if one uses the combination of a computation fluid dynamics toolbox and an optimization library. The training cases provide an overview how to couple OpenFOAM® and DAKOTA® for two arbitrary cases. It is demonstrated how the interface of DAKOTA® has to be set-up. The main goal is to demonstrate only the coupling mechanism. The functionalities of the open source library DAKOTA is not discussed. Further information can be checked out in the official and very powerful user manual at the Sandia's National Government website.

  Description Applications Features
#1 Geometric Variation of two Arbitrary Obstacles simpleFoam DAKOTA
#2 Tesla's One-Way-Value simpleFoam DAKOTA