OpenFOAM® Videos 2017


  Description Solver Published
#1 Arbitrary case for building a 2D AMI using snappyHexMesh and subsequent solving pimpleFoam, pimpleDyMFoam yes
#2 Updated dynamicInterfaceRefineFvMesh Library interDyMFoam + dynamicInterfaceRefineFvMesh yes
#3 The Beauty of Colorful Fluid Dynamics in an Interesting Case using a Multiphase Solver interDyMFoam no
#4 Analyzing the Influence of the Weber Number onto the Impact into a Layer of Liquid interFoam no
#5 Falling Droplets for Analyzing some Discussions with my Colleague Christian Rodriguez interFoam no
#6 Gin Tonic Case (Holzmann's favorite Drink) chtMultiRegionFoam yes
#7 Water Pump Case using the Cyclic Boundary Conditions for a Pressure drop interFoam yes
#8 Arbitrary FAN Cooling Case using the Arbitrary Coupled Mesh Interface (ACMI) rhoPimpleDyMFoam no