Meshing a Helix Meshing a Helix
Meshing a Helix Meshing a Helix

Meshing a Helix

SnappyHexMesh and the Helix geometry


The in-house mesher of OpenFOAM® named snappyHexMesh is infamous in the community due to meshing problems in more advanced and complex geometries. This might be true if you are not using snappyHexMesh correctly. This training case shows the basic meshing settings for the helix geometry. Additionally, a way of the layer generation is shown which will end up with a coverage above 95 percent.

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The numerical mesh is the most important subject to look at during a numerical simulation. Bad meshes - in the sense of quality such as non-orthogonality and other criteria - are the main cause for solver problems, divergences, and floating point exceptions. The helix tutorial shows the basic settings one has to set-up in the snappyHexMeshDict as well as the used triangulated surface. The meshing stage is split into two parts. At the beginning, the castellated and snapping procedure is executed. Afterward, the layer generation will start and the overall coverage will be around 95 %. However, it is worth to mention, that cfMesh is an alternative to the snappyHexMesh meshing algorithm.

Holzmann CFD does not give any warranty to the numerical results that are obtained within this training case based on the fact that there is no verification or validation.

Linux system
the vim text editor (or any editor you prefer)

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