Holzmann CFD helps you to perform an accurate and reliable OpenFOAM® simulation to solve your problems. The aim is to offer and provide a reliable quality for advanced simulation set-ups. Furthermore, Holzmann CFD advances case checks for your OpenFOAM® cases or analytical solutions, while summing up the result in a comprehensive report.

If you need your private developments, you can request them directly at Holzmann CFD. Furthermore, you can send your libraries and solver for rechecking. Validations and verifications of numerical results can be performed, by submitting measurement data.


Holzmann CFD offers you the ability to simulate your new design or give an overview of the physics happening in your geometry. A numerical simulation includes the whole process chain starting from the geometrical preparation, meshing, simulation set-up, running and advanced analysis of the numerical results. The generated OpenFOAM® cases can be requested based on the GPL v3. If your team needs a detailed report, Holzmann CFD will provide individual and fundamental analysis of the results while problematic or critical behavior will be pointed out and optimization suggests can be made or performed in a numerically way.

Additionally, Holzmann CFD performs simulation in combination with optimization algorithms to fully automatize the optimization of the objective function of your needs.

Holzmann CFD offers the calculation of solid mechanics with OpenFOAM® too.


OpenFOAM® is too tricky for you or your team? You feel not familiar with the source code and get depressed with the C++ code but want to develop a new library or functionality for your problems? Holzmann CFD offers professional and high-level C++ programming within the OpenFOAM® environment. Furthermore, if you are not sure if your development is correct Holzmann CFD rechecks your code, syntax and gives suggestions for a better programming style which improves the speed of your C++ code.

Training & Support.

Holzmann CFD offers a wide range of advanced and well-structured tutorials as well as professional video screencast series. With the tutorial cases, you increase your knowledge by your study. The OpenFOAM training cases can be manipulated to fit your requests. Based on the well-structured bash scripts and additional comments, a fast and sustainable learning curve is granted.

The unique and well-defined difficulties of the screencasts will give you the necessary information to run your simulation with OpenFOAM® sucessfully.

Both, the structured tutorials and the professional video screencasts are available online.

Furthermore, Holzmann CFD offers private or personal support as well as training sessions for your individual needs. The discussions and information exchange will help - such as the training videos and tutorials -  you to get ready using OpenFOAM® faster while getting a lot of tips and tricks.

If you are interested in any service of Holzmann CFD, do not hesitate to write your inquiry