OpenFOAM® Tutorials and Training

Holzmann CFD offers a wide range of different tutorials in the field of computational fluid dynamicsby using the open source toolbox OpenFOAM®. The tutorials are sorted by different topics such as meshing using snappyHexMesh or solving using different numerical solvers. Furthermore, dynamic mesh tutorials and training cases are shared in order to give one all information to successfully run the simulation. Different extensions are published and kept up to date for the latest OpenFOAM® versions such as the comfort library or the flamelet model. In addition different publications in the field of numerics, mathematics, derivations, equations are given for free. The tutorials are build using a nice and handy bash script. Topics that are covered are: arbitrary mesh interface (AMI), arbitrary coupled mesh interface (ACMI), heat transfer (CHT), multiphase (VOF), generation of meshes and baffles or interfaces and much more. Finally, different training screen casts are published covering a wide range of topics such as mesh generation or programming. Follow me on twitter, linkedIn, facebook and youtube and if one think my work is worth to share, please do not hesitate to do it. Finally, if one wants to support my work, you can donate some money to Holzmann CFD.